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CyberSecurity Tip: The Best Password is a Passphrase

This is how to remember 20 character passwords or more without killing braincells.

It is National CyberSecurity Awareness month.  Google has a post on how best to secure your gmail account, for example. I'd like to share with you some of my techniques for using passwords. Anyone who has worked with me or who knows me, is well aware that I'm notorious for long passwords that seemingly don't make sense, for example: "cx2209eaxj1aZ".  That was the old Cocoy, and I've seen deprecated this in favor of far easier passwords to remember of which I hope you'd find value in.

See that's the thing with people: they need to remember passwords, so they use birthdays, and names of significant others.  Those are weak passwords.  My suggestion is to use a phrase or a sentence that has some meaning or significance for you.

For example, it could be a quote:

The quick br0wn f0x jumped 0ver the fence.

Noticed, I also changed o to a zero and I used spaces and a period.

It could also be something personal:

My friend Roch,


My cousin J0an


Chiqui is my favorite c0ok!

I also use different passwords for different sites. I associate phrases with different websites. For example, on Facebook:

I hate farmvill3.

To wrap up: use a passphrase, a quote or a sentence that is significant for you and mix letters, punctuation marks and numbers too.

I hope the secret of my password technique would be most useful to you.

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