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The Problem About Noynoy

image is from the Noynoy Aquino for President movement.

RJ Miramol wrote:

I have nothing against Noynoy winning. But I have everything against another political swindle. As the popular saying goes, “You fool me once, shame on you! You fool me twice, shame on me!”
Perhaps, more than the assertion that Noynoy Aquino is inexperienced, this is something he must overcome. RJ has a point.  And she isn't alone.  It isn't merely Noynoy Aquino but more than twenty years of failure by our leaders to lift our people out of poverty.  It is like a woman breaking your heart, over and over again. How then do you trust?

It is easy for someone like me to say, we should trust Noynoy Aquino. His character is without reproach. I believe that quality is important to carry out a crushing blow to Graft and Corruption. I mean, how can anyone crush graft and corruption, if they're part of that system? We need someone who has honesty, integrity, who is transparent and is for good governance. I believe the next president's task is that Institutional Reform. Everything else falls second. That includes education, a balanced budget--- everything else. The laser focus of the next administration must be to rebuild our institution, to make us trust again.

How will he translate that character into something awesome?

It is important that Noynoy Aquino needs to get his platform out the door. Right now. Noynoy Aquino must act presidential. Right now. He needs to stand before our people and be seen doing something. If that means he has to be in Mindanao to lay the foundation for brokering peace, he should do it. If it means setting up a relief and rescue network for future disasters to avoid donor fatigue, he has to do it.

Noynoy Aquino must be seen being presidential.

I believe Noynoy Aquino is the best hope for this nation because of his character. He doesn't need to convince people like me. Senator Aquino must convince people like RJ to believe again. It is no different from dating, in my humble opinion. People will want to believe but is Noynoy Aquino too good to be true?

I believe that Institutional Reform is the most important question pressing our republic, more than education, more than health care. Institutional reform means fighting graft and corruption. The first step is to clean out the judiciary, the ombudsman and law enforcement so that when you start cleaning out the department of finance, we can trust that justice be done. I believe it is the key to open the door for the other stuff. I believe to have such credible institutional reform will require the man running the show to have impeccable character. That character is Noynoy Aquino and I think he can establish a government that is honest, that has integrity, that is transparent and for good governance.

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